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Days of Surplus Past

2015 Nightingales/Surplus 1980 Tour Diary

Tour with The Nightingales

In August of 2015, Surplus 1980 and England's The Nightingales piled into a rented Bandago luxurious Sprinter van and toured the West Coast. We came, we saw, we had a great time, and met some great new friends in The Nightingales and along our stops in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Come along with us as we regale the tale!

Tour with The Ex

2015 Tour with The Ex

Right before Halloween in 2015, Surplus 1980 and The Ex (Netherlands) joined together for a two-stop Northern/Southern California tour. Playing to a 12-tickets-shy-of-a-sellout at Bottom of the Hill was a great thrill, and hitting the stage of the world-famous Roxy in Los Angeles made for a great couple of days, not to mention sharing the stage with The Ex, whose energy and new songs kept the crowds electrified.

Surplus 1980 Large Ensemble

Surplus 1980 Large Ensemble

In August of 2016, Surplus 1980 gathered with almost every musician that ever played with the band, and recorded three pieces as a large ensemble. The genesis of the piece was an exclusive work that Moe! Staiano composed for a Surplus 1980 performance at the Oakland art gallery, Studio Grand. He reworked the piece to fit a large group, and gathered at Ex'Pression College in Emeryville to record.